Rossie the Human, Mage of the Elements


(written by Ian, typed by Jesse)

Rossie is a wizard who can make and shoot all the elements. His hair is short and black. He has a hood and his sleeves are very long. He wears a robe. Rossie is super fast and is faster than a speedy monster.

Rossie is a hero because he saves people from monsters. He has fought a slime monster, a speeding monster and he has fought a humongous monster. The slime monster’s weakness is the golden element. The speeding monster’s weakness is the ice element. The humongous monster’s weakness is a tin wall.

Rossie can make toys and bowling balls, but mostly helps people. He helps people by making whatever they need, but mostly he fights monsters.

The end.

Learning about Computers


Over this past weekend I gave ian his first cursory introduction to computers; specifically laptops and how the Internet is built. He didn’t absorb much, but he paid attention. Afterwards, he could name the following things:

  1. Screen, Keyboard, Battery, DVD player(drive), touchpad.
  2. He knew that the linksys switch talked to the laptop with it’s antennas
  3. He recognized the Cable Modem
  4. Knows which line running out of the house is for internet access
  5. Knows that our ISP is WOW! cable
  6. Knows that WOW! is connected “to the other computers”

not bad for a four and a half year old.





Simon has moved in with his brother. With Ian, we had kept him in our room for the first 18 months, granted that was due to our living situation, but we had planned on Simon staying in our room for at least 6 months. We didn’t want him waking Ian up when he woke up to eat and it never dawned on us that we could move him into his own room sooner. Well, we were having an issue with Ian climbing into our bed at night and we couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, he kept climbing into our bed because that’s where his family was. He wanted Simon in his room and since he wasn’t, he joined us. So, we moved Simon in with Ian and both boys have been doing great! Simon doesn’t go to bed with Ian – because he’ll keep Ian from falling asleep – but whenever Simon cries during the night, Ian sleeps right through it.




Look who can get his own pajamas on?

Crisis of Age


During the night,  Jackie awoke to Ian sleeping in our bed again. I didn’t catch what they talked about, but Ian whined and stormed out of the room. Afterward, Jackie leaned over to me and said something along the lines of “I think he said he wishes it was the way things were before.”

My 6am memory is fairly muddled, but I think the point was Ian is finally starting to realize that things are changing. Ian has to go to school, Simon gets all of the attention, and now Ian can’t do some of the things he is used to (such as cuddling with momma).

I feed bad for him – getting old sucks. After I got up, I went and laid down on his bed next to him and told him that sometimes I wished things were like they were before Simon was born, too… and sometimes I wish things were like they were before Ian was born. Or before I married momma, or before I started going to kindergarten…

But I’m happy that momma is here, and I’m happy that Ian is here, and I’m even happy that Simon is here. Things change, and sometimes they’re not always good changes, but you have to accept them. Once you accept the change, you realize the new thing might be better than the way things were before.

First Day of Preschool


2010.09.13-1stDayofPreS.02.jpgThe past month has been huge for Ian.  He not only became a big brother, but last week, he finally was able to do something he’s been wanting to do all year long.  Ian walked to his big boy school and spent the day there.  That’s right, Ian is now in preschool.

Last winter, Ian spent three days a week at a day care with a preschool curriculum, but he knew that wasn’t his big boy school.  Oh no, he wanted to go to the school that we pass all the time.  He knew that was the one where he’ll get to go once he was old enough and we waited for school to start all year long.

Not only is Ian going to preschool this year, but he’s going full days with half the day spent in Chinese preschool.  It’s actually called Chinese Immersion, but for half the day, Ian has an American preschool curriculum and the other half is spent learning Chinese.  It’s fantastic.  I totally want my son to be bilingual and I can only hope that he’ll be able to do it all the way through high school.  Currently, the Chinese Immersion program is only through grades 2 or 3, but that’s because it’s that new.  The second or third grade class was the first to be offered it and it’s been growing with them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to grow.

It seems weird.  For some reason, I never thought I would be walking to school again, but I’m doing it six times a week now.  That’s not the only thing that’s weird either.  Maybe it’s because Ian’s school is more inner city than what I went to, but there’s only one bus for the entire school (this branch at least) and parents not only drop their kids off, but some of them actually wait in line to enter the school with them.  That’s another strange thing – the kids don’t immediately go into the building when they get to school.  Nope, they have to wait in a line, outside, until a teacher comes and lets them into the school.  I really don’t get that.  I mean, some of my fondest school memories were getting to school early so I could have breakfast with friends in the school cafeteria.  Granted, this was in high school, but even in the lower levels, I never had to wait outside to go in.  I’m sure I’ll find out what that’s all about once Ian goes to Kindergarten, but until then…

We’re now in our second week of school and Ian seems to be doing well.  He’s not too crazy with walking every morning and afternoon, but if I can do it for 11 years, he certainly can do it.

Nana & Her Boys



New Pics



Big Brother


2010.08.28-Boys.03.jpgIan is still loving his brother, but he has started figuring out that lots of things are changing.  The biggest one being that he doesn’t quite have all of our attention anymore.  I would like to think we’ve been balancing that pretty well, but I know there are times we haven’t been.  Thankfully, with Simon sleeping all the time, we are able to give Ian the attention he wants, just not always in the form he wants it in.

It’s amusing.  The one thing we weren’t expecting to change when we brought Simon home was Ian’s listening skills going down the drain.  It’s an obvious form of vying for our attention, but it’s been slowly escalating for about two months prior to Simon’s arrival.  Basically, about the time we became homebound since I wasn’t suppose to be driving anywhere.  So he’s not liking some of the attention we’re giving him, but he’s coping rather well, I think.  He hasn’t asked us to send Simon back yet.  I consider that a good sign.  Thankfully, school starts in another week or so, which means Ian will be gone three days a week and he so can’t wait for school to start.

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