During the night,  Jackie awoke to Ian sleeping in our bed again. I didn’t catch what they talked about, but Ian whined and stormed out of the room. Afterward, Jackie leaned over to me and said something along the lines of “I think he said he wishes it was the way things were before.”

My 6am memory is fairly muddled, but I think the point was Ian is finally starting to realize that things are changing. Ian has to go to school, Simon gets all of the attention, and now Ian can’t do some of the things he is used to (such as cuddling with momma).

I feed bad for him – getting old sucks. After I got up, I went and laid down on his bed next to him and told him that sometimes I wished things were like they were before Simon was born, too… and sometimes I wish things were like they were before Ian was born. Or before I married momma, or before I started going to kindergarten…

But I’m happy that momma is here, and I’m happy that Ian is here, and I’m even happy that Simon is here. Things change, and sometimes they’re not always good changes, but you have to accept them. Once you accept the change, you realize the new thing might be better than the way things were before.