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Happy Birthday Ian!


2009.02.25-Ian.02.jpgIan turns 2 today and boy did we celebrate it in a way none of us wanted.  All three of us came down with some kind of bug today and I think Ian is the only one really bouncing around.  Granted, he wasn’t this morning…at least not until he threw up all over me.  That is not a pleasant sensation first thing in the morning, especially when it happens in your bed.  However, after that episode, he seemed to have bounced back.  He wasn’t as cuddly as he normally gets when he is sick, but he was a lot more subdued.  Jesse and I have been hit the worse – why are we always both sick at the same time?

Either way, we still celebrated Ian’s birthday today (with his party on Saturday) and he received Clarabel and Annie from the Thomas the Tank Engine train set (trackmaster style).  He really enjoyed them since he wanted to go play with them instead of having any birthday cake (which I think shows he’s still not feeling 100% better).

Ian has his 2 year check up next week, so I’ll do one of my more detailed posts then.

No… I mean Yes…


I had this exchange with Ian the other day:

<me> Ian, go give that to your mother.
<ian> no.
<me> ...WHAT?
<ian> yes.
* ian walks towards jackie



What is it about nakedness that toddlers find so amusing?  Ian, for the first time today, decided he didn’t want to wear any clothes.  He took off his shirt and about 10 minutes later, the pants went as well.  He even picked out the shirt he was wearing.  He wanted to wear [Donald] Duck, so that’s what he wore.  But then he takes it off an hour later and doesn’t want to put it back on.

At least he hasn’t figured out how to take his diaper off yet.

Cloth Diapers


Has anyone ever tried switching to cloth diapers while they were potty training?

We’re trying to get Ian back into potty-training mode and he’s fixated on the characters on his diapers and I really don’t want to buy any more.  I got to thinking, why not switch to cloth diapers.  They are reusable (after washing) and they feel like underwear.  They’ll last through accidents without using rubber pants (which Ian absolutely hates and I think part of the reason he’s regressed) and it’ll cost a lot less than buying diapers.  Obviously I would still use the disposables while we’re out and about, but with Jesse having the car 4 out of 5 days during the week, we’re home far more than we’re out.

I’ve also heard of cloth diapers that have velcro already on them so you don’t have to use pins.  Does anyone know where I could find some?

Ian’s Toddler Bed


2009.01.24-Ian.02.jpgYup, you saw that right.  Ian has graduated to a toddler bed.  Jesse and I had been contemplating moving him into one for quite awhile now.  At first, we thought about doing it during the holidays, but then something came up and we decided to wait until his 2nd birthday.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, our minds were changed once again.  Ian loves getting in our bed and pulling the covers up and “going to bed” that we couldn’t logically put it off anymore.  So while Gramps was up one weekend, the men changed Ian’s crib to a toddler bed.  Ian is loving it and he’s been awesome with it.  The night we changed it over, he was all set to hop into bed and go to sleep (without taking his bath).

Since then, he’s been doing really well with it.  We really haven’t had a problem with him getting out of bed and giving us a problem with going to bed (knock on wood).  We still go through our nightly routine and when he’s put in bed he generally stays. Now there have been a couple of times where he starts to crawl out as we’re leaving the room, but generally we just need to turn around and tell him it’s bedtime and to go to sleep and he’ll crawl right back in bed.

With that said, yesterday was a different story.  He did not want to take a nap (even though it was obvious he needed one) and he did get up a couple of times.  He did end up getting in a nap, but he never made it back to his bed.  I went in to check on him after 20 minutes of silence and found him curled up on the floor with his blankets.  We’re thinking he slept there purposefully since he had both of his blankets wrapped around him (he’s been having growing and teething pains simulatneoiusly).

The one thing we were hoping he would figure out sooner still hasn’t happen though.  Now that he can get in and out of his bed when he wants, he still waits for one of us to come get him after he wakes up.  He will sit in his bed for 5 minutes calling us instead of getting out and playing.  We were hoping he would be content to getting pu and playing in his room for awhile, so Jesse and I could sleep in a little more on the weekends, but that’s a no go at the moment.

So Ian has officially gone into a toddler bed and we no longer have a crib.

Per Request…


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