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Ian’s Swing


2009.07.10-Swing.01b.jpgCheck out what we added to the backyard.  Ian now has his own swing.  We’ve had one up there for awhile, but it was one of those round disc swings and Ian wasn’t having much luck using it.  He’s balance is just not there yet, so I picked this one up from Ikea (the cheapest I found) and it’s working great.  Ian can get on it by himself and he’s been swinging like crazy.  Well, not too much since it was just put up last night, but I think it’s going to get a lot of use.  Now if only I could find a good play structure for a lot less than what is out there.

Ian’s Quilt


When we moved Ian to the toddler bed, I wanted to get him a whole new bed set, something a little more big boyish.  After seeing what was available, I wasn’t too impressed.  I really didn’t want to spend money on pieces that Ian wouldn’t use – i.e. bed skirts, pillow shams, etc – since all he really needed was the sheets and the quilt.  So, I decided to try my hand at making a quilt.  It took me longer than I originally intended, but I finally finished it over the weekend.

Since I was going to design it for him, I saw no reason why I couldn’t incorporate all of his favorites at the moment. The quilted part is a little busy, but all of his faves are there:

  1. Thomas the Train
  2. Disney Cars
  3. Sesame Street
  4. Curious George
  5. Mickey Mouse
  6. Zoo Animals – namely a tiger, giraffe, and a leopard
  7. Pirates – he loves filling his treasure chest bank with coinage
  8. Winnie the Pooh
  9. Dragons & Fantasy
  10. Tie-dyed Colors

It’s very simple as far as the construction goes, but I think it came out fairly well.  There’s a few flaws, but since it’s my first, that should be expected.  Overall, I think it came out fairly well.

2009.07.12-Quilt.05.jpg 2009.07.12-Quilt.02.jpg

Ian Still Loves the Park


2009.07.06-Park.16.jpg 2009.07.06-Park.04.jpg

2009.06.29-Ian.05b.jpg 2009.06.29-Ian.01.jpg

2009.07.06-Park.14b.jpg 2009.07.06-Park.12b.jpg



My little Pianoman is back! Ian loves his keyboard and he was all about playing a song for mama.


The Zoo


2009.06.25-Zoo.16.jpgWe’ve made it back to the zoo again this year. Actually, we’ve already been twice and I’m thinking we should hit it up again. The first time we went, PJ and CJ were with us and the boys had a blast.

This last time, we took the train to the back and Ian was all about it.  He sat next to me all prim and proper like and waited until the ride was over.  Then he saw the sign with the zebra on it.  He was all over seeing the zebras and wanted to go straight there.  Then we had to go and see the tigers, but the tigers were sleeping (which he’ll still tell you if you ask him) and the lions were no where to be found.  So he was a little disappointed with that.  The day wasn’t that bad, but by lunchtime, Ian wasn’t digging sleeping in the stroller this time around and got really cranky.  It might also have something to do with the water that may have splashed his eye, but I’m still not sure what totally happened.  All I know was he was fine when we went into the polar bear exhibit, but he wasn’t a happy boy as we were leaving.  Whatever it was, he says he had a blast and he was out in the car within moments of getting onto 10 Mile.

The Garden


2009.06.22-1stHarvest.01.jpgWe have a garden this year and Ian has been having all sorts of fun helping Jesse with it.  We were hitting the garden sections at Lowes, Home Depot and Meijers quite a bit and Ian loved running up and down picking out plants.  The two of them even brought home flowers for me to plant one day.  This picture was taken when we harvested the very first thing out of our garden this year – cilantro for Jesse’s salsa (or was it guacamole?).  Jesse was down there snipping away and Ian just had to do “a snip” himself.  We recently found a couple of ripe tomatoes on our cherry plants and Ian loves seeing the “baby tomatoes”.

Jesse has also been putting a lot of work into the yard this year.  Since we moved in halfway through summer last year, we didn’t really do much with it.  This year, we’ve been putting down grass seed like there’s no tomorrow.  The backyard was soo soft until we had that heat wave and it killed half the grass.  There’s still a few weeds in it, but all of the areas of dead grass are gone now and even the driveway is full of grass.  That was another job Ian had a ball doing – spreading out the grass seed.  Although, I really shouldn’t say he spread it; he had a tendency to dump it where he was standing.  Not the best method, but it worked.  He’s figured out that he can throw the grass seed and we’re actually happy about that, so he’s been all over helping even more.  He likes to wander into the shed (even though he knows he’s not suppose to be in there), grab a handful of grass seed and toss it around outside.

2009.05.17-Grass.05.jpg 2009.05.17-Grass.07.jpg

Orchardly Park


2009.06.04-Orchardly.40.jpgIan and I went and visited Aunt Lori down in Dayton with Adrian at the beginning of June and we found an amazing park.  It’s simple fabulous.  Check out this shot…it’s just one fourth of the park too. There was a huge sandpit with a water playtub in a toddler section; a good size area of water fountains where you can play in and out of them; and then a whole another section for bigger kids. It’s pretty sweet and Ian had a blast there. He so didn’t want to leave.

2009.06.04-Orchardly.18.jpg 2009.06.04-Orchardly.46.jpg
2009.06.04-Orchardly.29.jpg 2009.06.04-Orchardly.22.jpg

Ian + S’Mores


2009.06.20-Smores.07b.jpgI know I’ve been slacking on posting for a bit, but I’m going to try and get better at it. Recently, we finally picked up a fire pit to have in the backyard and we made s’mores one night. Yeah, that ended up being a mistake on my part. Ian had a blast though. ;)

For the most part, Ian has been pretty indifferent to the s’mores. He likes all the individual components, but he’s not very patient.

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