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2009.09.27-Heli.01.jpgThe boys got some new toys that they can’t get enough of.  A couple of days ago, Jesse came home with a remote controlled helicopter and the two of them spent all night playing with it.  They had so much fun, that Jesse sent me back to Meijer to get the novice edition for Ian to play with.  Needless to say, both of them have been in love with their new toys.  The moment Jesse comes home, they go get their helicopters and I get at least an hour of blissful quiet.  Not only do I get the quiet, but the two don’t end up yelling at each other either.

They’ve changed up their launch pads a couple of different times, however, the favorite seems to be the top of Ian’s head.  I don’t get it, but Ian loves holding one of the helicopters on his head so Jesse can launch it and then Ian will chase after it once it hits the ceiling and flops to the ground.  Granted, Ian does a lot of chasing, but so does Jesse.  The range on the remotes isn’t that large and it doesn’t take them long to fly them out of it.  Regardless, they are having fun with them and it’s great!


My Little Bookworms


Ian and I went down and visited with PJ & CJ and both of the boys just dove into the books.  They were just so cute when they brought them out from CJ’s room and jumped into the chair to read.  They were even reading to each other at one point.


If Only It Would Last


2009.09.16-WashinDisher.03.jpgIan is in a kick where he likes to wash the dishes.  Ever since we picked up a stool for him from Ikea, he loves pulling it up to the sink to wash his hands and the dishes that are in the sink.  I know it’s a novelty at the moment, but I’m kind of hoping he’ll continue to enjoy doing the dishes once he can actually do them for me.  At the moment, he just likes playing around with the water and soap.  He does get a few of the dishes clean, but I still need to go back through them.  ;P

The Petting Zoo!


2009.09.12-BinderZoo.06.jpgDo you know how hard it is to find a petting zoo?  Well, a good one?  Ian and I went down to the Battle Creek Binder Park Zoo where they do have one and Ian had a blast with the children’s zoo.  There were all kinds of animals to pet, but Ian loved getting in with the goats and feeding them.  He was able to get right up to them and pet them to his hearts content.  Of course, the goats did mob him when they realized he had food, but Ian just started giggling like there was no tomorrow.

While we were there, we also got to feed and pet the giraffes Binder has in their African Safari section.  We even got to see the baby giraffe that was recently born (he was soo cute).  I do have to say that I like the Binder Park Giraffe feeding area more than the Detroit Zoos.  At Binder, you can feed the giraffes as much as you want and as long as the giraffes will let you.

Overall, it was a great day to be at Binder Park and Ian had a blast.  We’ll have to go back sometime soon.

Oscar the Grouch


Okay, I feel like this needs a little explanation. Ian loves Oscar on Sesame Street and we had to get some new trash cans (the squirrels kept eating the rubber ones). We got these home tonight, which meant that Jesse and Ian wanted to play with them first.

Punch It!


Ian got this punching bag and gloves for Christmas, but he’s just now really starting to enjoy it. I don’t know what it is with punching games at the moment, with the bag or on the Wii, but Ian is loving this activity.

Tye Dyeing!


2009.09.08-TyeDye.06.jpgI’ve been a little remiss in updating Ian’s site with his latest exploits, so I’m going to be rectifying that over the next couple of days.

First up, Ian has fallen in love with Tye Dyeing.  We were in JoAnn’s a couple of weeks ago and I picked up a quick starter kit so I could “clean up” a couple of old white wash clothes.  Ian helped me with that first batch, but he wanted to do more.  So we got another kit and went to town on a couple of shirts.  The end result was hilarious.  I swear we did use the gloves that the kit provided, except there was only one pair, so sharing with Ian didn’t work out as well as I thought it would.

We ended up doing this little project on the day Jesse worked from home, so he joined in the fun.  Between the three of us, we did three of Ian’s shirts, one of Jesse’s and one of my tanks that didn’t survive the first round.  We ended up with a couple of great shirts and one that can be a little disturbing.  The final shirt (the one Jesse and I are holding) ended up looking like we butchered someone in our basement.  By the last shirt, all we had left was red and we wanted to use it.  Ian had a blast splaying it around and we even got his hand prints on it (but they may be hard to find).

The boys are wearing their shirts (Jesse looks hilarious in his) and Ian is already asking when we can paint more clothes.


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