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Future Cover Model


I was in the bathroom putting up some towel hooks when I hear Ian having too much fun in the other room. Thinking he’s was in his room playing with his toys, I go see what he’s up to. I find him playing on our bed, jumping into the covers and giggling like a banshee. He was being so cute that I had to go for my camera. I make it back in time to snap a couple of pictures and check out this one. Ian can be so photogenic that it’s frightening sometimes. It’s like he knew to pose or something and he was practicing for his future career as a romance novel cover model.

I see you…


So for those of you not aware, we’ve had some technical difficulties with the move- we still don’t have a stable internet connection and were forced to kick AT&T to the curb. This site, along with our other sites, will be migrated to for hosting to prevent this issue in the future. If you want to set up your own site, he handles both hosting and domain names and can hook you up for a good price. Pedro also has excellent customer service- according to our logs he has an army of testers making sure our youtube videos are functional (but maybe that’s just because Ian rocks).

All of our images will be hosted at flickr, meaning:

  1. images will download faster and be a more reasonable size
  2. all current images are broken and need links fixed. Since this is post 222 on the site, that means there’s a lot of links to fix.

I’m still working out some bugs with this site (in particular, you can only see the main page, and I can’t even preview this post), but things should be up and functional in the next few days.

Fourth of July


Tonight, we took Ian to see his second fireworks show ever. This year actually resembled a lot like last year except Ian was able to move around A LOT more. We started off the evening with his first experience of having cotton candy. He loved it. Go figure, what kid doesn’t love straight sugar. I think Jesse and Ian ate 3/4 of the bag within the first 10-15 minutes. It’s no wonder Ian was all over the place. We also got Ian one of those glow strings that can turn into a necklace…you know the ones, the ones that everyone tries to hawk at this events. He had a blast with it and liked to toss it around, put it over his head, basically do anything he could with it.

Once the fireworks actually started, he sat right down and watched the show. This really only lasted about halfway through the display and then he got bored and wanted to move around. Much like last year, except he didn’t have a choice about leaving since he wasn’t mobile at the time. We actually left the park halfway through and got to our car just about the time of the grand finale. It made leaving a whole lot easier, so Jesse and I weren’t too bummed about missing out on the spectacle.

Overall, I think Ian had a fun time tonight. We ended up getting to the park a good hour and half early and it was a really good thing we did too. There were a ton of people there and parking was hard to find. We ended up about 1/4-1/2 a mile away, but the walk wasn’t all that bad.

Phineas and Ferb


Ian has found a new favorite show…Phineas and Ferb. It’s a new cartoon that Disney just released about two months ago and Ian is just loving it. Whenever their theme music came on, he would sit down in front of the television and watch it. I thought this was just a fluke, but today, since I was trying to find things for Ian to do that didn’t involve walking, we watched a few clips on youtube and he had no problem watching them over and over again. It’s kind of amusing. Here’s the theme music for the show to give you a taste of the series.

Trip to the ER


Last night, we ended up taking Ian up to the hospital. He was being his normal active self and was playing with Toby’s water dish when he dumped it and tried walking across the spill. Needless to say, he took a header backwards and screamed for a good 30 minutes. I was finally able to get him calmed down, but something still seemed off. He wasn’t bouncing back like he normally does so I had Jesse come home early so he could evaluate. What really was concerning me was whenever I tried putting him down, he would immediately cry until I picked him up. Well, when Jesse got home, he thought Ian looked fine. And then Ian tried to walk. I put Ian on his feet and he sat right down. We were willing to give him one unsteady attempt at standing, but when he got up and fell right back down, we knew something was up.

We didn’t know this at the time, but there is a hospital right around the corner from us. It’s literally close enough where we could probably walk to it if we wanted to. So getting there wasn’t a problem. We checked in at the emergency room and we were in the triage section within a few moments. They stuck us in the fast track area, which didn’t seem that busy, but we ended up sticking around for about two hours. The doctor checked Ian’s eyes and she wasn’t concerned about a concussion or anything like that since Ian didn’t black out or lose consciousness when he fell, but she did order a couple of x-rays of his legs. They tried getting him to walk, and they saw where he was favoring his left leg, so they wanted to make sure nothing was broken. The x-rays came back clean, which meant that all we would know is that Ian had twisted or sprained some portion of his left leg. The x-ray’s couldn’t tell us anything about the muscles, so we were discharged with instructions to keep him off his leg and to ice it. Afterwards, we went out to dinner and by the time we got home, it was bedtime, so Ian wasn’t on his leg at all the rest of the night.

I cannot say the same thing about today. The first thing Ian wanted to do this morning was get up and walk. Trying to keep him off of his legs is going to be difficult, but we’ve managed so far. Ian got to play on our bed with a few of his toys while I unpacked our clothes and we also watched a few clips from the muppets on youtube. Then we took a walk up to McDonald’s for lunch and by the time we got back, he was out for his nap. I’m planning some time in the sandbox for this afternoon, but I’m not sure what else I will be able to do to keep him from walking. On the plus side, I think I figured out which part of his leg he twisted. We were in his room playing a little on the floor and he started crawling around and didn’t seem to have any problems with that. So I’m thinking his ankle is what hurts. He has figured out if he holds on to anything, he can hop around a little (not that he’s hopping, but you get the idea) or he can crawl and still have some mobility. He doesn’t like not being able to walk, so it’s going to be hard the next couple of days, but hopefully he’ll bounce back pretty quickly.

Ian Has a Backyard!!


So we did it. Jesse and I finally bought our first home and now Ian has a backyard he can play in. However, before we moved, Jesse and Ian had some fun outside our apartment. Jesse was using our hose to clean the grill and a few other items when Ian decided to help him. It was so cute how he would hold the hose and try to help daddy. He ended up soaked from the whole experience, but he had a blast. Even though it started out as a chore, the weather was nice enough that Jesse and Ian played in the water for a bit.

The day of the move, we had a lot of help, but the biggest help was Marcia (Grandma M) since it was her job to keep Ian occupied. Ian actually took the move really well. He played with grandma in our bedroom while we loaded to Uhaul truck and only towards the end did he really start to object to staying in the room. By that time, he wasn’t in the way as much so we let him stay out and see what was going on. He liked climbing up the ramp into the back of the truck, but he wasn’t crazy when we had to take him out. Go figure, right. Once we had the truck loaded up, Ian and I went and got lunch for all of our great helpers and then we took our first steps into our new home. This time around, he got to play with grandma out in his very own backyard. There were already two horseshoe pits ready and open for play that it gave Ian a “sandbox” to play in temporarily. Grandma and Grandpa M actually picked up the one we bought for him on their way up, so he was able to crawl around in that as well. Being able to run around outside distracted him that we were able to get most everything moved in without him getting in the way.

The only thing he didn’t do well that day was take his nap. He slept on the way from the apartment to the house, but other than that, he didn’t want a nap. Grandma tried three different times to get him to sleep, but each time he wasn’t having any of it. He actually handled not having a decent nap all day pretty well. After we got everything unloaded, and everyone was gone, Gramps stayed around to help us clean out the old apartment (he got here pretty late too). We made one more trip back to the apartment to vacuum and clean one last time and then we said goodbye forever when I turned in the keys. Of course, since we had just bought a house, that gave us an excuse to spend some money at Lowe’s so we made a stop there before heading home. Two hours later (although I’m pretty sure it was only an hour later), Ian made sure we knew that he was getting hungry (and he wasn’t the only one) and we all headed back home for some fun in the backyard. Gramps had bought us a sprinkler for the backyard and Ian had to test it out. Ian had such a fun day with the move that he went to bed easily and slept peacefully all night in HIS OWN ROOM. Mama and daddy were joyous over that event, let me tell you.

Since we moved in, Ian has been outside in his yard every moment we allow him. He loves his sandbox (thanks Gramps for the sand!) and we already had a couple of trucks that work beautifully out there. He is always coming in with sand all of his body – in his diaper, hair, mouth, all over his clothes – you name it, he has had sand in it and he couldn’t be happier. I’m still looking for some climbing toys for the backyard, but I think he’s doing really well with what he has. He loves going for walks down the sidewalk and meeting new people (we’ve already met a couple of people because Ian walked right up to them), and now that we’re in a more populated area, we’ll definitely be going for more walks.

The one thing we do love about the backyard is it’s such a great size for Ian and it backs up to a park that Ian will have a ton of room to play and grow in. We got really lucky with this place and it is worth all the hassle we have gone through.

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