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Ian and Playdoh


Ian received his first set of playdoh for christmas and he’s really enjoying it.

Ian’s Room Makeover


Yup, that’s the news of the hour.  We’re pregnant again and that means a few changes for the little monkey.  The biggest one, do we use his crib for it2 and get a brand new bed for him or do we start completely over?  I’m thinking Ian deserves a new bed, one that isn’t a crib. What do you think?  What I’m looking at is the KURA reversible bed.

Ikea has this on display and they include a canopy over it that makes it look like a tent.  Ian always wants to climb into it whenever we are there, so I don’t think he would complain about it.  The only thing I’m not really crazy about is no matter which wall we would put this on, he’s going to be near a window.  I’m not entirely sure if that is a good idea or not.  Either way, the coolness doesn’t end there.  A friend of ours, Jill, had a brillant plan and I am so thinking of stealing it.  Basically, she said to put a crib mattress on the floor underneath and turn it into his own reading room.  We could add his bookshelf under the ladder and add a lamp or whatnot underneath and he would have his own little hole.  Plus, this would give them a little more room to play (because I could so see myself doing this for it2 when he grows up), oh wait, did I mention the boys (because honestly, are we really thinking I’ll have a girl?) will be sharing a room.  I’m all about lofting their beds.

I’m thinking Ian’s room is going to get a total makeover during the next couple of months.  I want to get rid of his dresser and turn his closet into a huge spacesaver closet – have you seen the size of his closet?  He doesn’t need that much room.  So I want to try and convert the lower half into a “dresser” with a bunch of drawers and the upper part will still have room for hanging stuff.  I have a lot of plans going through my head right now and I’m thinking it’ll be perfect for two kids if I can do it right.  Or I should say if Jesse lets me do what I want.  ;)  So we’ll see how it turns out.

Helping Daddy Shovel


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