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The Fireman


Ian comes up to me this afternoon and tells me “I’m a fireman mama…I need a hose”. So he then proceeds to go outside and to play with the water hose. The “fire” (aka sand pit) was thoroughly doused and extinguished when he was finished. *grin*

Now this doesn’t happen very often…


Talk about surprises. On the way to pick Jesse up from work today, Ian said he wanted pancakes from the blue sign place.  He didn’t want mama’s pancakes, he wanted them from the place where we went with Daddy (aka IHOP).

After picking up Jesse, Ian said again that he wanted pancakes (with eggs and sausage) and since we weren’t all that impressed with the blue sign place, we decided to head to Big Boy.  Two minutes from getting there, Ian falls asleep and he stays asleep until his food arrives.  Oh yeah.  We were able to carry him into the restaurant, order our food, lay him on the booth next to Jesse and wait for our food – all while he slept.

When our food did arrive, we were able to get Ian to wake up long enough to eat half of his dinner, but he wasn’t totally awake.  Once it became obvious he was slowing down, Jesse asked him if he wanted to go back to sleep and Ian promptly placed his head on Jesse’s shoulders and tried to go back to sleep.

Thankfully, he did hit he restroom before we left, because as soon as we got home, he ran to his bedroom, jumped into bed and was out.  I cannot tell you when the last time he did something like this was.  He’s fallen asleep on the way to pick up Jesse before, but he’s always been ready to play as soon as we got home.  That’s not the case this time around.

I just hope this isn’t an indicator that something is up.  He’s been coughing a little more than normal today and I thought he felt warm to the touch early this afternoon.  Jesse said he was cool to the touch at the restaurant.  We’ll see how he wakes up in the morning…and at what time.

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