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My Little Artist


It dawned on us this weekend that Ian is at an age where he can totally do crafts now. So the three of us went up to JoAnns for some fun craft shopping. We ended up coming home with a bunch of different items to paint and Ian had a ball with them this afternoon.

Ian Sings His ABCs


My son is so smart. Ian loves singing the ABC song. It’s amusing as hell to hear him just start busting out with A-B-C-D-E…. He’s having a little difficulty with J-P, but he has the rest of down pat. His biggest problem is how they all run together, but he knows his ABCs and can recognize them. I have such a smart monkey.

The First Flowers of the Season


Check out what Ian brought me after his walk with Jesse. They strolled around the park out back and Ian promptly began collecting the dandelions and stuffing them in his and daddy’s pockets. Then my little monkey gave me flowers he picked himself for the first time.  He was so sweet.

Ian’s First Bike


So this is the first bike we bought for Ian and then promptly returned. We liked the way that the bike looked like what he would graduate to (instead of being a tryke and it was cheaper than a tryke), but once we got it home and put together, the pedals were still on the wheels like a tryke. Ian couldn’t reach the pedals!

So we ended up returning Ian’s Thomas bike for a tryke instead.

Coloring Easter Eggs & Easter Morning


I know I’ve been slacking on uploading the videos, but if you want them sooner, you should subscribe to our feed over on Youtube.  Either way, here come a flurry of vids and the first one was done at Easter when Ian colored his first egg.

He actually did really well and managed to dip and pull out the eggs without spilling one container.  He picked up on what he was suppose to do rather quickly and had a blast at the same time.

This year, we also had an easter egg hunt for the first time. Ian loved going around collecting eggs, but he really wasn’t happy about giving up his treasures.

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