2010.08.28-Boys.03.jpgIan is still loving his brother, but he has started figuring out that lots of things are changing.  The biggest one being that he doesn’t quite have all of our attention anymore.  I would like to think we’ve been balancing that pretty well, but I know there are times we haven’t been.  Thankfully, with Simon sleeping all the time, we are able to give Ian the attention he wants, just not always in the form he wants it in.

It’s amusing.  The one thing we weren’t expecting to change when we brought Simon home was Ian’s listening skills going down the drain.  It’s an obvious form of vying for our attention, but it’s been slowly escalating for about two months prior to Simon’s arrival.  Basically, about the time we became homebound since I wasn’t suppose to be driving anywhere.  So he’s not liking some of the attention we’re giving him, but he’s coping rather well, I think.  He hasn’t asked us to send Simon back yet.  I consider that a good sign.  Thankfully, school starts in another week or so, which means Ian will be gone three days a week and he so can’t wait for school to start.