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This Sucks!


I love the fact that I’m pregnant and will have a child….but I can do without all the hormones. I was already a softy when it came to my tear ducts. But now, everything sets them off. I mean, I’m watching Farscape with Jesse (actually, I’m listening to it) and it’s a death sequence and it’s all sappy and hollywood……BUT I KNOW SHE LIVES! Why am I crying? This isn’t the first time either. I swear, everything sets me off these days. I want to have dry eyes again!

24 Week Doctor Visit


Today I am 24 weeks and 3 days. That means, I’m only 15 weeks and 4 days away from the expected delivery date. That doesn’t seem all that long.

Anyway, we had another doctor’s visit today. I only gained 1 lb since my last visit (yea!) and the doctor was happy about that. The heart rate is/was 155 beats per minute. A little faster than before, but he said it was still normal and sounds good. Doc Wittingen measured my tummy this time – it’s 24 inches. I’m not really sure what that means, but I know it was something they do. I have another appointment Dec. 20th and after that I’ll be going to the doctors every 2-3 weeks instead of every 4. Today’s visit was actually really quick. Not much is going on. Well, Ian is starting to kick and the doctor gave us some literature that said that I should be able to feel Ian move 10 times per hour at least 3 times a day. That’s about it. Oh yeah, when PJ came up and told me she was pregnant, she mentioned that the doctor told her not to sleep on her back because it will cut off the blood flow. Well, I asked Doc Wittigen about it and he said I don’t have nothing to worry about. The general idea is that laying on your back for long periods of time is bad, but most people move enough during the night that it isn’t that big of a deal. So I’m in the clear. Alright, that’s it for now.

An so it begins…


I wasn’t entirely sure before, but now I am. Ian is definitely kicking me. Granted, it isn’t the type that leaves footprint impressions on my stomach, but I can feel him. Jesse is starting to feel them a little. Ian got him harder than normal the other night and Jesse was all fascinated. I’m hoping his kicks will get stronger by Thanksgiving, but I have a feeling it won’t be until Christmas when I’ll really be able to have other people feel them.

Picture Time


Okay, so I’ve been getting requests for a picture of my tummy. I’m not really sure what the fascianation is, but I will submit to the pressure. I’ll post a picture of how fat I’m getting. :)

Before I do that, I think I’m feeling the baby move. I’m not entirely sure, but Jesse has remarked that he “has seen/felt some movement” that wasn’t there before. Plus I keep getting the whole “kicking inside of a balloon” feeling where I’m the balloon. The doctor said I should start to feel the baby at my last appointment, so this would make sense. :) I’m hoping he’ll be making his presence a bit more known by Thanksgiving.

Anyway, here are some current shots of me:
Jackie Jackie



Something I’ve kicked around for a long time was “when I have a kid, what will I teach him?”

The idea is when the kid is 4 or 5, I give him an option to learn one of the following. Depending on what it is, either jackie his grandparents, or I will be able to teach him one of these skills
So here’s the list:

Technical Artistic Physical Domestic
Computer Pottery Sports Cooking
Automotive Painting Martial-arts Sewing
Science Drawing Outdoor Cleaning
Woodworking Gymnastics
Insturment Swordsmanship
Computer Insturment Sports Outdoor
Programming Piano Baseball Hiking
Web development Drums Basketball Camping
Hardware Guitar Football Fishing
Software Violin Soccer Canoing
Typing Vocal Tennis Hunting

So, do you have any additions you think would also be good to learn?

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