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Learning about Computers


Over this past weekend I gave ian his first cursory introduction to computers; specifically laptops and how the Internet is built. He didn’t absorb much, but he paid attention. Afterwards, he could name the following things:

  1. Screen, Keyboard, Battery, DVD player(drive), touchpad.
  2. He knew that the linksys switch talked to the laptop with it’s antennas
  3. He recognized the Cable Modem
  4. Knows which line running out of the house is for internet access
  5. Knows that our ISP is WOW! cable
  6. Knows that WOW! is connected “to the other computers”

not bad for a four and a half year old.




Look who can get his own pajamas on?

Crisis of Age


During the night,  Jackie awoke to Ian sleeping in our bed again. I didn’t catch what they talked about, but Ian whined and stormed out of the room. Afterward, Jackie leaned over to me and said something along the lines of “I think he said he wishes it was the way things were before.”

My 6am memory is fairly muddled, but I think the point was Ian is finally starting to realize that things are changing. Ian has to go to school, Simon gets all of the attention, and now Ian can’t do some of the things he is used to (such as cuddling with momma).

I feed bad for him – getting old sucks. After I got up, I went and laid down on his bed next to him and told him that sometimes I wished things were like they were before Simon was born, too… and sometimes I wish things were like they were before Ian was born. Or before I married momma, or before I started going to kindergarten…

But I’m happy that momma is here, and I’m happy that Ian is here, and I’m even happy that Simon is here. Things change, and sometimes they’re not always good changes, but you have to accept them. Once you accept the change, you realize the new thing might be better than the way things were before.




Ian was tired when we stopped at norms.

Ice cream



Nom nom nom

Ian’s Great Day


2010.04.06-H2OPark.04.jpgIan had a heck of a day today and is sleeping quietly. So what did he do?

  • Daddy worked late the night before, so he was able to spend half a day at home before heading in to work.
  • We got up early and visited the hospital for Jackie’s ultrasound- Ian found out he’s having a baby brother. We were all hoping for a boy, so this is good news.
  • We took a quick trip to the library where he was able to play in the kids room.
  • Afterwards, the three of us went to the Warren Community center, where we spent over an hour playing in the waterpark. Ian enjoyed swimming around in the deep end on a body board as well as firing the water cannon. We even took a nice trip around the inner tube track.
  • Jackie dropped me off while Ian played at the park with his friends Nate and Mason. When they were rained out, he went to McDonalds and had french fries for lunch.
  • When he picked daddy up from work, he was already asleep, and at some point along the ride a squirrel climbed in our trunk. When ian woke up to look for the squirrel daddy said he heard in the trunk, it turned out to be a brand new bicycle that had snuck in there.

That’s a whole lot of fun for a single day.

No… I mean Yes…


I had this exchange with Ian the other day:

<me> Ian, go give that to your mother.
<ian> no.
<me> ...WHAT?
<ian> yes.
* ian walks towards jackie

I was late to work today


Because for the 3rd night in a row, Ian slept soundly- from the time I left the room after reading (around 8:30pm) to the time I went in to wake him up (8:50am), he barely made a peep- just one wail of complaint when I closed the door.

This is so much better. I made sure to thank him when I went to get him- he was already awake and reading a book, still under his covers.

I didn’t mind being late to work today.



The following is a list of new words he’s learned:

  • nose (points and says “noce”)
  • ear (points and says “eer”)
  • eye (points and says “eye”)
  • mouth (points and says “maow”)
  • tongue (says “ladldal” as he sticks it out and wiggles it)
  • lip (sticks his bottom lip out)
  • belly (pulls up his shirt and rubs his belly)
  • hand (holds his hand out)
  • foot (sticks his foot out)
  • hair (touches his hair)
  • cheek (occasionally touches his cheek, though usually his mouth or ear)
  • arm (pinches the sleeve on his arm and says “aaahh”)
  • leg (holds his leg out)

More to come, I’m sure- he’s tired right now, so he’s not cooperative.




I got him to repeat those after me while going through his “what makes a rainbow” book.

Maybe tomorrow we can get him on video doing it.

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