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I’ve been experimenting with different kind of snacks trying to find healthy ones for Ian that won’t break our bank account. While the Gerber Graduates are good, they can be a little messy as well as kind of pricey. I would like to think I’ve had some success, but there have been some duds. Here are the snacks I’ve tried so far.

  1. Raisins – Ian really didn’t take to these too well. On three separate occasions, we’ve tried giving them to him only to have him spit them back out. We’ll try again at a later time, but right now, it’s not a snack he’ll eat.
  2. Goldfish Crackers – These work really well. Ian likes them and you can get them in different flavors as well as colors. We’ve only tried the multi-colored ones, but I’m planning on trying a new flavor next. The only thing against them is that they crunch really easily in tiny hands. They are definitely a snack that you don’t let him run around with. Not unless you want to do a lot of vacuuming.
  3. Animal Crackers – Ian loves them. I can give him one and he’ll carry it around with him, but it’ll always end up in his mouth. He rarely leaves them around.
  4. Dried Blueberries – Jesse found these near the raisins in the produce section. They are tiny little balls that Ian just eats up. It’s a great snack to put in the diaper bag because they don’t take up that much room.
  5. Craisins – If you haven’t seen these, they are actually really good. I’m not a fan of them, but Jesse loves them which is how we ended up with some. They are dried cranberries for those who are not familiar with them. Another great dried fruit. Ian loves these too.
  6. Pepperidge Farm Snack Sticks – Ian likes the sesame seed ones better than the pumpernickel ones, but he’ll still eat them. Basically, they are little bread sticks, perfect for his hands. He can hold on to them and chew on them for a bit.
  7. Nutrigrain Bars – I actually bought these for Jesse and gave one to Ian once and he really liked them. This is definitely a messy snack, so he has to stay in his high chair, however, I’ve found these are good on the go too. As long as I break off pieces and give them to him, it’s not as messy. You get the grains as well as some fruit and
  8. Cheerios – The classic infant snack food, however, we haven’t figured out if Ian likes them or not. If you give him a couple at a time, he tends to spread them out like bird food. If you put one directly in his mouth, then he’ll eat it. But I haven’t seen him eat them on his own yet.
  9. Bread Anything – Ian likes to munch on bready. Bagels, muffins, breadsticks, anything. I can even give him a slice of bread and he’ll eat most of it. Ian loves biscuits. The nice part about bready snacks are they tend to be dry and soft so Ian can get them in his hands and mush them together, but they are easy to pick up off the floor.
  10. Teddy Graham Crackers – They come in four different flavors and they melt in his mouth. It’s not an instant melt, but they turn to mush easily enough. Ian really likes the Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal ones. They taste a lot like cookies without all the sugar.

That’s everything I can think of right now. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

First Haircut


Ian had his first haircut today. We had it done at Carnival Cuts in the mall and Ian actually had a lot of fun. He was able to sit or stand in a red fire engine truck and play with the steering wheel (yes it really turned). He did try to follow the stylist, to see what she was doing, but then he would go back to playing with the wheel and seeing what else was around. All in all, it was actually a good trip. They ended up giving us a certificate with a lock of his hair to keep for his first haircut and they were really awesome about us taking pictures.

Ian Ian Ian

Dad Wins


Ian’s hair has been getting long- long AND curly. He looks like freakin’ Goldilocks. Jackie’s been insisting that we not get his hair cut for a few months now, but today she finally relented and we took him in to get it cut. Now he looks like a boy again instead of Shirley Temple.


Playtime @ the Mall


Ian & Gramps Ian Ian Ian

Ian Ian Ian Ian & Daddy Ian

11 Months!


Ian-mo11 Ian-mo10This past month was a little slow with new discoveries, but a HUGE one was made. Ian figured out how to cruise around. He took his first step at Christmas and starting going for jaunts around the living room soon after the first of the year. Since he started walking, he hasn’t kept as still. He’s still crawling a little, but he’s walking everywhere he can.

Ian’s fourth tooth will be popping through soon. You can see it in his gums and he’s feeling the teething pain, which has been messing with his sleep. He still isn’t sleeping through the night, but he is sleeping longer. We’ve started up his bedtime routines again and he’s generally asleep and in his crib by 8:30 every night. When he isn’t in pain, he’ll generally sleep until 3am before getting up to assure himself we’re still in the room. He doesn’t get a bottle or a changing at night, so it doesn’t take too long to get him back asleep. That’s a plus. Even though I’m still getting up with him at night, I’m sleeping better and so is he. When he’s teething, then everything is tossed up into the air.

We’re starting to plan his first birthday and I think I know what we’re going to do. So for those who are coming, look for the invites.

ok, seriously


If you need to call us, do it before 7pm or don’t do it at all. We average about 1 call a week that wakes Ian up. Right now he’s screaming from an earache or something and the phone is ringing. He’s been fussy all night and trying to locate a phone to shut it off before it wakes him up is very annoying.

Seriously, don’t call us. Once he’s 5 or 6, then we’ll reconsider.

Bathtime Fun


Today was a weird day. For some reason, Ian did not want to take any of his naps. He slept on our way to take Jesse to work and then to the library for story time, but after that, I could not get him to take a nap. He would take a bottle and get droopy eyes and everything, but the moment the bottle was done, he was up and ready to play. By the time I thought I might be able to get him to take a nap, it was 4pm and we had to leave at 5pm to get Jesse and head to Novi to see Jeff and Corrie. Needless to say, he fought for about 5 minutes and then he was out like a light. He slept the entire way to Novi, so he did eventually get a nap. He even slept all the way home, that’s when it really started getting interesting.

Jesse was keeping Ian occupied and you would never know that he was tired. Talk about giggling.

Ian Jesse Ian Jesse



Random Pics


Ian Ian Ian Ian

Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian

Sleep Update


It’s been awhile since I’ve updated everyone on how Ian is sleeping, so here it is. He’s still not sleeping through the night, but he’s definitely sleeping better. We started getting more strict with his routine and making sure he’s getting his bath by 8pm like we originally were doing (we have been waiting for him to tell us when he’s tired, which means he’s been up to 9pm or later). This seems to be working and he’s usually asleep and in his crib by 8:30pm. He did sleep through two nights in a row right before Christmas, but then an ear infection developed and he had a tooth pop through which kind of killed that streak. We also found out that he doesn’t like waking up at night to total darkness. I’m hesitate to say he’s afraid of the dark, but we added a night light to our room and he’s been waking up less since then. Now, when he wakes up, it takes less time to get him back to sleep. Mostly he gets up to cuddle for a minute and then he’s out again. He’s been teething pretty good these past couple of weeks, but I’m thinking that once his gums give him a break, he might start sleeping all night. Although I’m not holding my breath.

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