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Halloween Loot


So Ian had his first Halloween run today- we had the kids come into work at 3:30 to go trick or treating. Jackie had him in his hobbit outfit (which is a tunic, not a dress), and we wandered around gathering candy from my coworkers. Since Ian isn’t allowed to have most of the candy (outside of a juice box and some animal crackers), it looks like I’ll be taking care of it for him.

8 Months Today!


Ian-mo08 Ian-mo07Can you believe it….today Ian is 8 months old. He’s been having doc appointments every two months since he was born, but not this month. He doesn’t have another well checkup until the first week of December, so you’re all going to have to wait to see where he is at concerning height and weight. I can tell you this for a fact….he is heavy and he is filling his 9 month jeans a little too well now. I’m actually starting to think that I need to re-evaluate him wearing a size 9mo. It’s cold out, Ian doesn’t need his pants riding up his legs when he’s being held or just in general.

Anyway, on to more important matters. Ian conquered crawling this month. He was crawling a little when he was 7 months along, but it was more of a commando crawl with a sometimes tummy in the air crawl. Now he’s trying to get as much off the ground and still move as fast as he can. Now that he can zoom around the apartment, he already has his sights set on walking. Over the last week or so, Ian has been making a point of pulling himself up and standing at every opportunity. We haven’t caught him at it, but he also seems to be moving while standing. There are times when he’s standing at one end of the couch and the next he’s right there next to you, still standing. It’s almost as if he walked along the couch. No proof that’s what he’s doing, but it does seem like it. Jesse thinks Ian will be walking by Christmas. God help us if he is, or heaven forbid, he starts sooner.

Ian’s first teeth popped through over Labor Day weekend, but now you can definitely tell they are there. You can even see them…if we could get him to sit still long enough, maybe we’ll post a picture of his teeth. Yes, I am saying teeth. His front bottom two are the ones that came through. Now that the teeth are more predominant in his mouth, he is definitely biting. He likes to chew on things and it’s not always a good thing when he tries it on mama or daddy. To make it even more interesting, Ian has started teething again. At least we think he has. He was doing really well for about a week, sleeping for most of the night, only getting up once and even then not for long; then all of a sudden, it’s three times a night screaming for no reason, can’t get any decent naps in because he wakes up screaming….etc etc. He isn’t drooling like he was the first time, so we didn’t automatically think he was teething. However, we gave him a couple of the Hyland Teething Tablets and he slept the rest of the night. So Ian is teething again. We’ll see what pops through soon (I hope).

We finally did Ian’s baby pictures. Most people take them when the kid is younger (closer to 3 months), but we had a certain photographer in mind and we waited until she had the time. Make sure you check them out, they are so adorable.

It’s October…that means Halloween. Yes we dressed Ian up for his first Halloween. He has even gone trick or treating already. We have to thank Trish for making Ian’s costume, he was Pippin from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ian was so stinkin’ cute in this outfit, I think I’m going to try and save it for next year too. Jesse was happy with it as well and he liked how it turned out. Ian got his loot when he went trick or treating at Jesse’s work. Ian picked out which candy he wanted us to eat for him, which meant we ended up with some interesting choices. Ian had a blast though.

I think that’s all for this month. I’ll have more info next month for sure….we’re going into the holiday season after all.

Standing on his own


So Ian has figured out how to stand up on his own. He no longer requires our help to do it (well, he still does, but he’s not dependent on us). He has been going around to all the furniture and pulling himself up. He is even attempting to walk along the couch. I think he did it today, but I’m not entirely sure. One minute he was at the far end of the couch and the next he was tugging on my pants. Of course, I probably didn’t see him crawl closer to me, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he walked over. Now that he has figured out the art of standing, he’s doing it as often as he can. So watch out grandparents and make sure you are Ian-proofing your house.

Baby pictures are in!


Thank you Kristian for doing the pictures, they turned out fabulous. Ian had developed a cold while he was at the grandparents, but he was still a trooper for all of the pictures. There ended up being over a 100 different pictures taken, so it was kind of hard to narrow it down to the few that we really liked. Here are the keepers:

Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian

I can’t wait until we can get them printed up. They are going to look so sharp. I’ll need a new frame so I can display them. We’re getting them printed at the Kalamazoo ColorLab, so they are going to be awesome and so not Wal-mart prints.

Halloween is almost here….


Ian’s first Halloween is almost here and he has already gone trick or treating! Yes I have dressed Ian up this year. He’s going to wait one more year before going trick or treating with his father around the neighborhood, but we just had to go to the grandparents. We have to say thank you to Aunt Trish for making his adorable costume. Ian went as Pippin from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
Ian Ian CJ Ian CJ

Ian wasn’t alone in this getup either. Ian and Chris were in it together as hobbits. They were so adorable in their costumes. Trish even made the eleven capes. The whole ensemble came out beautifully and I can’t believe that my little man actually looks good in a tunic. Ian will be able to wear it one more time when we go to Jesse’s work Halloween party.

These are the original outfits for Ian and CJ’s costume:

Has it really been 7 months?!


So a friend of ours is setting up her nursery and getting ready to have her baby in December and she was asking us for advice. As I was thinking of what to tell her, I started looking through some of the posts from when Ian was first born. After reading through most of the posts, it’s hard to imagine Ian ever being that small or having all the issues we did. Ian doesn’t cry that often anymore. Seriously, Jesse and I think it’s cute when he starts that pouting cry he does. At night, I rock Ian to sleep and I enjoy when he just sleeps on my chest. The other night, I remember thinking that I missed this, since he used to do it a lot when he was younger. Now I remember why he did it and the trouble we had because of it. There has been such a drastic change from the first two months to these last two months that it’s unbelievable. I’m sure the change has been there for awhile, but it was really never in my mind until just now.

When Ian was first born, Jesse and I were saying that nobody ever tells you about the horrors of the first couple weeks. We weren’t prepared for it. At the time, we were told it was because most people tend to forget it because of the good times that follow. Now that it’s been seven months, I understand and get it.

And he moves…


8th Month Milestones


from Enfamil
Playing Detective
Your eight-month-old is like a detective on an important case. Clues about how the world works are everywhere. She is suddenly fascinated by everything. A scrap of paper. A human face. A tree moving in the wind. Your baby will spend this month systematically looking, listening, and touching.

By eight months, your baby can see objects at a distance. Try standing at the doorway when someone familiar comes to visit. See how she starts to smile and wiggle in greeting? Her improved vision gives her more information about her surroundings.

This month your baby will start investigating toys by turning them around in her hands. You can imagine her thinking, “Hmm, this is interesting.” Examining is a fine motor skill. It’s also an incredible developmental milestone. Focusing her attention on an object allows her to learn more about it.

Standing Up
Your baby has focused on using her arms and hands during the past few months. Now she’s turning her attention to her legs. Expect to see more ambitious crawling. You’ll notice her sitting for longer periods. Even standing up. She will achieve these feats because of her stronger, more limber muscles.

Her hip and knee joints are starting to “lock” in, instead of collapsing under the weight of her body. Soon she will be pulling herself up on the sofa. Even standing in place.

At eight months, your baby will love games like “Peek-a-boo.” Another favorite is “Pat-a-cake.” Experts call these games social play. They’re fun for the whole family. And they’re also a great learning opportunity.

Even simple games have rules. Your baby will discover how to coordinate her part of the game with yours. She will also learn that games have a sequence of events. You cover your eyes with your hands. You open your hands and say, “Peek-a-boo.” Then everybody cheers and laughs.

Brain Teaser
Did you know…that your baby’s short-term memory improves at this age?

More Random Pictures


Ian Jesse Ian Ian Ian

Ian Ian Ian Jesse Ian Jesse

Proof Positive….he’s standing


I caught him standing on his own a couple of days ago. Granted, that was really a ‘bending over the toy chest’ type of standing. At least I thought it was. It’s official….he’s pulling himself up and standing on his own. Don’t believe me….

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