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Ian’s 1st Stage Show


Yesterday, I took Ian to his very first stage show – Disney Live! Rockin’ Road Trip. He had such a blast.  Initially, I was really nervous about taking a two year old to a stage show at the Palace (would he be entertained enough or would I have a bored toddler on my hands); however, Ian completely surprised me.  Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have been nervous since it was a show designed for toddlers and whatnot.  Ian was really good about staying with me, which was probably due to the fact that he wanted to be carried, but he really didn’t give me any problems.  He held on to our tickets until it was time to give them to the ticket lady and then he handed them over himself.  I don’t know how I managed it, but I timed everything pretty good because we weren’t in our seats long until the show started.

Anyway, the show itself was great.  We had pretty good seats too considering I picked them up on Thursday, so Ian was able to see the stage pretty well.  At first, Ian was doing his whole people watching thing, trying to figure out what was going on, but the moment Goofy stepped on the stage, he was caught.  You should have seen his face when Mickey showed up.  OMG, it was hilarious.  He kept telling me “it’s mickey!” as if he couldn’t believe he was there.  During the first half of the show, Ian was totally captivated – I don’t think his eyes left that stage for more than a minute.  I want to say he really wasn’t as captivated when Cinderella and the characters from Toy Story were on stage, but I’m chalking that up to the fact that he hasn’t really been exposed to them yet.  However, when Tigger appeared…oh yeah, he loved it.

About 40 minutes into the show, they did have an intermission, which Ian took in stride.  He was able to walk around our aisle a little since pretty much everyone went out to the concession stands and I was smart and brought some animal crackers with us.  Once the second half started, however, he did begin to get a little antsy.  I think it took him that long to really begin to understand what was going on and then his excitement took over.  By this time, he didn’t want to sit still as much and so wanted to get closer to the stage.  He also caught on that he could dance and bounce in his chair along with everyone else.  The smile on his face during these times was priceless.  I just wish he would have let me take his picture a couple of times.

2009.11.01-DisneyLive.01.jpgThey did have a photo op with some cardboard cutouts of Mickey and Minnie out in the lobby (it would’ve been nicer if Mickey and Minnie had shown up, but whatever).  Since this was Ian’s first stage show, I totally went with it and got him us one.  Plus I couldn’t use my own camera until I bought one (greedy Disney).  It was a good thing I went with it too.  When Ian first saw them, he was so all over it.  He kept wanting to go up there and get his picture taken that I had to keep telling him he had to wait in line.  He kept trying to cut in front of people or going around the side. The little monkey.  Once it was our turn…it didn’t take him 30 seconds to get his butt in front of MIckey and Minnie.  He had the biggest grin on his face and loved it.  As you can see, I did succumb and get him some ears.

Overall, the entire experience was really good and I would take him again.  Seeing the show yesterday, though, made me start thinking about Disney World.  Originally, I was thinking of waiting until he was closer to 6 or 7 before taking him, but I’m really tempted to start pricing out three day vacations for his fourth birthday.

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