2010.04.06-H2OPark.04.jpgIan had a heck of a day today and is sleeping quietly. So what did he do?

  • Daddy worked late the night before, so he was able to spend half a day at home before heading in to work.
  • We got up early and visited the hospital for Jackie’s ultrasound- Ian found out he’s having a baby brother. We were all hoping for a boy, so this is good news.
  • We took a quick trip to the library where he was able to play in the kids room.
  • Afterwards, the three of us went to the Warren Community center, where we spent over an hour playing in the waterpark. Ian enjoyed swimming around in the deep end on a body board as well as firing the water cannon. We even took a nice trip around the inner tube track.
  • Jackie dropped me off while Ian played at the park with his friends Nate and Mason. When they were rained out, he went to McDonalds and had french fries for lunch.
  • When he picked daddy up from work, he was already asleep, and at some point along the ride a squirrel climbed in our trunk. When ian woke up to look for the squirrel daddy said he heard in the trunk, it turned out to be a brand new bicycle that had snuck in there.

That’s a whole lot of fun for a single day.