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Our Christmas Tree


Our tree this year wasn’t spectacular, but is pretty impressive. Especially if you notice that only the top half of the tree has ornaments on it.  When Ian and I put the tree up last week, we had the ornaments spread throughout the entire tree, but Ian didn’t realize that once the ornaments were up, he could stop giving them to me to put on the tree.  To this day, he’s still bringing me ornaments to put on the tree, even though he’s taking them off of the tree to do so.

2008.12.21-XmasTree.02.jpg 2008.12.21-theMen.05.jpg

Jesse and Ian with our Christmas tree. We tried getting Ian to say Merry Christmas, but he was more interested in the candy cane than anything else.



We had Ian out in the snow for the first time. Well, it wasn’t his first encounter with snow, we did take him out once last February, but this was his first trip INTO the snow. :)  I shouldn’t say this is Ian’s first taste of snow since , but we really didn’t allow him to get INTO the snow.  This year we did.  He hasn’t been crazy about it at first because he wouldn’t keep his gloves on.  Once he had them on, and then went into the snow, he took it a little better.  He has a hard time moving in his snowsuit, but he wanted to go back out the next day.

2008.12.20-Ian.01.jpg 2008.12.20-Ian.02.jpg

Fun at Home


2008.12.22-theMen.01.jpgIt’s been a bit chilly out lately, but we’ve been finding ways to keep warm on the inside. One of Ian’s favorite things to do is to play with the laptops just like mama and daddy. Whenever we get up, he always hops up and tries to steal it. Recently, Jesse installed some games on his that are for Ian and they were so cute when they were playing them recently. Jesse was saying that Ian had a blast with Memory, but he wasn’t crazy about Sound Memory (same idea as Memory, but with sounds instead of pictures). There’s a video coming of the two of them that I’ll be posting later. It’s so cute watching the two of them together with the laptop.

In other areas, Ian is loving to dance and he’s not afraid to do it – unless the camera is around.  Jesse had him doing the chicken dance for awhile, but he won’t do it while I have the camera on.  We’re really trying to get him to do it again.

Ian has also been very insistent on what he wears.  Most days he doesn’t care, but lately, he’s been making a stand.  The other day, he was wearing his cat pajamas – they are a little big on him, but when he saw them he HAD to put them on – and I couldn’t get him out of them.  The pants literally stay on his butt by the grace of god.  We were going to run some errands, get him some track for the shiny matchbox cars, and he wouldn’t change shirts.  His “meow” shirt was dirty and I really didn’t want to take him out in it, but that’s what he wore.  He fought both of us when we tried to change him.

2008.12.20-MamaIan.01.jpg 2008.12.21-Ian.01.jpg 2008.12.22-MamaIan.jpg

Here’s the video:

Mexican Jumping Bean


Ian has figured out how to jump. He loves doing it. He’s been slowly learning how to do it on our bed for a couple of months, but now he has the confidence to do it on the hard wood floor. The whole house rattles when he does it too.

Christmas Greetings


A friend of ours posted a Christmas Greeting featuring her 3 year old. Ian got a kick out of it and Jesse tried to get him to say “Merry Christmas”.




2008.12.10-Cups.01.jpg 2008.12.10-Ian.jpg

2008.12.15-Ian.jpg 2008.12.13-Ian.02.jpg

Potty + Matchbox = Score!


Ian has started potty training.  Yup, it’s officially…he wants to.  That’s the beautiful part.  Ian loves his potty seat and he has told us a couple of different times that he has to use the potty.  Since we’re going ahead with the training, Jesse and I started a rewards program that will hopefully  help Ian stick to this and get potty trained sooner rather than later.  What we’re doing is giving Ian a matchbox car every time he tells us he has to go and he does.  We just started this after Thanksgiving, but he’s already earned 3 of them.  Although, the first two were within a couple of hours of each other, but he so deserved them.  The second time, he was in the bath when he told me he had to go.  Out he came and he went directly to his seat.  Man was I glad he went on the potty for that change.

The only downside I’m seeing to this is Ian now wants to be on his potty all the time.  I can’t see this being a problem, but now we need to make sure he realizes that he only gets a car whenever he tells us and he goes.  Not just when he tells us and he sits on the potty and there are no results.

I know people have said to use stickers or suckers in the past, but I don’t want stickers all over my house (or on a chart, Ian wouldn’t get that just yet), and I’m not crazy about Ian having suckers right now.  Ian is really into cars right now and he doesn’t have that many matchbox cars.  In fact, I think I can count them all on one hand and Jesse was wanting to get him more.  So we figure using a $1 toy as a reward would end up paying for itself if Ian gets out of the diapers sooner rather than later.



This Santa was really good. Ian was more interested in the objects around Santa than Santa himself (a man with a beard…not new people), so we had a bit of a problem getting him to sit with Santa. He wanted to explore! So Mr. Claus had us take a couple of different shots, with Ian starting out sitting on the train and then moving to Santa’s lap. It worked out well and I got a bunch of different shots of Ian and Santa!

2008.12.02-Santa.04.jpg 2008.12.02-Santa.02.jpg

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