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Ian’s 1st Pool Party


2009.03.08-Pool.19.jpgFor Ian’s birthday this year, we had planned a big bash with decorations and everything.  However, all three of us woke up sick on the morning of his birthday so we had to postpone his party. Instead of having one party this year, we’re going to end up with 3 separate ones – one for each side.  I’ve been trying to avoid that, but with everyone’s schedules, it was just too hard to schedule it.

The first celebration was this past weekend when Lori and Gramps came up and stayed at a hotel with a pool so Ian could swim. He had a blast. The first night we were there, he couldn’t stop giggling (of course, I had to forget my camera), but he had just as much fun the next morning when we went again.  He ended up having his first slumber party when we left him with Aunt Lori and Gramps at the hotel.

When Jesse and I got back to the hotel the next day, I still had forgotten my camera, but I did rectify that and went home to get it.  Lori and Gramps had a late checkout so we were able to have another shot at the pool and I got some great pictures.  Ian wasn’t as giggly as he was the night before, but he had a blast all the same.  For some reason, he really enjoyed the hot tub.  We didn’t let him in, but he was able to dangle his feet into the water.  I’m thinking it was the bubbles, because he had fun kicking water all over Jesse.  :)

2009.03.08-Pool.02.jpg 2009.03.08-Pool.16.jpg

2009.03.08-Pool.03.jpg 2009.03.08-Pool.21.jpg

2009.03.08-Pool.09a.jpg 2009.03.08-Pool.06.jpg

More Videos Uploaded


It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded any videos onto YouTube, and thus here, but I finally got a chance to do it last night.  There’s about 10 from this past month that were added, so instead of posting them all here, you can find them at our YouTube Channel.

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