Ian’s first Halloween is almost here and he has already gone trick or treating! Yes I have dressed Ian up this year. He’s going to wait one more year before going trick or treating with his father around the neighborhood, but we just had to go to the grandparents. We have to say thank you to Aunt Trish for making his adorable costume. Ian went as Pippin from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
Ian Ian CJ Ian CJ

Ian wasn’t alone in this getup either. Ian and Chris were in it together as hobbits. They were so adorable in their costumes. Trish even made the eleven capes. The whole ensemble came out beautifully and I can’t believe that my little man actually looks good in a tunic. Ian will be able to wear it one more time when we go to Jesse’s work Halloween party.

These are the original outfits for Ian and CJ’s costume: