2009.09.27-Heli.01.jpgThe boys got some new toys that they can’t get enough of.  A couple of days ago, Jesse came home with a remote controlled helicopter and the two of them spent all night playing with it.  They had so much fun, that Jesse sent me back to Meijer to get the novice edition for Ian to play with.  Needless to say, both of them have been in love with their new toys.  The moment Jesse comes home, they go get their helicopters and I get at least an hour of blissful quiet.  Not only do I get the quiet, but the two don’t end up yelling at each other either.

They’ve changed up their launch pads a couple of different times, however, the favorite seems to be the top of Ian’s head.  I don’t get it, but Ian loves holding one of the helicopters on his head so Jesse can launch it and then Ian will chase after it once it hits the ceiling and flops to the ground.  Granted, Ian does a lot of chasing, but so does Jesse.  The range on the remotes isn’t that large and it doesn’t take them long to fly them out of it.  Regardless, they are having fun with them and it’s great!