2009.10.25-Marbles.04.jpgIan is loving LOVING his new marble maze.  This was probably one of the greatest toys we could have given him (to date).  We’re in the process of potty training Ian and one of the systems we’re currently doing is the star reward system. He gets a star for each time he successfully uses the potty and once he gets so many (the number started at 20, but we’ve been raising it each time, but he doesn’t know that), we take him to Toys R Us and he gets to pick out a toy.  This last time, he picked out a marble maze (although I’m sure Jesse influenced him a little since he’s been looking at them lately) and he has been playing it every night this past week.  Seriously, he started school this week (more on that later) and when he gets home, he goes directly into his room and starts playing.  The best part about this – he’ll play on his own!  Call me a bad mama if you want, but the fact that Ian is actually playing on his own, for more than five minutes, is exhilarating.

Now, I’m not saying we don’t play with Ian and his marble maze, because he can’t set the course up himself just yet.  However, Jesse and I have been having fun as well trying out different tracks and seeing what we can do.  Once it’s up though, Ian loves watching all the marbles go through it.