2009.02.25-Ian.02.jpgIan turns 2 today and boy did we celebrate it in a way none of us wanted.  All three of us came down with some kind of bug today and I think Ian is the only one really bouncing around.  Granted, he wasn’t this morning…at least not until he threw up all over me.  That is not a pleasant sensation first thing in the morning, especially when it happens in your bed.  However, after that episode, he seemed to have bounced back.  He wasn’t as cuddly as he normally gets when he is sick, but he was a lot more subdued.  Jesse and I have been hit the worse – why are we always both sick at the same time?

Either way, we still celebrated Ian’s birthday today (with his party on Saturday) and he received Clarabel and Annie from the Thomas the Tank Engine train set (trackmaster style).  He really enjoyed them since he wanted to go play with them instead of having any birthday cake (which I think shows he’s still not feeling 100% better).

Ian has his 2 year check up next week, so I’ll do one of my more detailed posts then.