Tonight, we took Ian to see his second fireworks show ever. This year actually resembled a lot like last year except Ian was able to move around A LOT more. We started off the evening with his first experience of having cotton candy. He loved it. Go figure, what kid doesn’t love straight sugar. I think Jesse and Ian ate 3/4 of the bag within the first 10-15 minutes. It’s no wonder Ian was all over the place. We also got Ian one of those glow strings that can turn into a necklace…you know the ones, the ones that everyone tries to hawk at this events. He had a blast with it and liked to toss it around, put it over his head, basically do anything he could with it.

Once the fireworks actually started, he sat right down and watched the show. This really only lasted about halfway through the display and then he got bored and wanted to move around. Much like last year, except he didn’t have a choice about leaving since he wasn’t mobile at the time. We actually left the park halfway through and got to our car just about the time of the grand finale. It made leaving a whole lot easier, so Jesse and I weren’t too bummed about missing out on the spectacle.

Overall, I think Ian had a fun time tonight. We ended up getting to the park a good hour and half early and it was a really good thing we did too. There were a ton of people there and parking was hard to find. We ended up about 1/4-1/2 a mile away, but the walk wasn’t all that bad.