Alright, so I found a color scheme for Ian’s bedroom and Jesse has approved it. We went by Lowe’s today and I saw this room theme in one of their books and I loved it. I found the colors I want for Ian’s room and how they are going in his room.

The walls are going to have two colors on them. The lower half will have “Lime Burst” and the upper half will have “Blue Tango”. The accents will be colored with “Pumpkin Butter”. Basically, a green, blue, and orange retrospectively. The green and blue will have a white stripe going around the room to separate the two. The bookshelf we’re going to put in his room with all primarilly be the orange, but will also have a bit of the blue and green in it. I tried finding the colors on Valspar’s site, but they colors on their site really don’t match the colors on the cards I picked up. Either way….the colors are decided. :)