2009.06.22-1stHarvest.01.jpgWe have a garden this year and Ian has been having all sorts of fun helping Jesse with it.  We were hitting the garden sections at Lowes, Home Depot and Meijers quite a bit and Ian loved running up and down picking out plants.  The two of them even brought home flowers for me to plant one day.  This picture was taken when we harvested the very first thing out of our garden this year – cilantro for Jesse’s salsa (or was it guacamole?).  Jesse was down there snipping away and Ian just had to do “a snip” himself.  We recently found a couple of ripe tomatoes on our cherry plants and Ian loves seeing the “baby tomatoes”.

Jesse has also been putting a lot of work into the yard this year.  Since we moved in halfway through summer last year, we didn’t really do much with it.  This year, we’ve been putting down grass seed like there’s no tomorrow.  The backyard was soo soft until we had that heat wave and it killed half the grass.  There’s still a few weeds in it, but all of the areas of dead grass are gone now and even the driveway is full of grass.  That was another job Ian had a ball doing – spreading out the grass seed.  Although, I really shouldn’t say he spread it; he had a tendency to dump it where he was standing.  Not the best method, but it worked.  He’s figured out that he can throw the grass seed and we’re actually happy about that, so he’s been all over helping even more.  He likes to wander into the shed (even though he knows he’s not suppose to be in there), grab a handful of grass seed and toss it around outside.

2009.05.17-Grass.05.jpg 2009.05.17-Grass.07.jpg