Ian has started potty training.  Yup, it’s officially…he wants to.  That’s the beautiful part.  Ian loves his potty seat and he has told us a couple of different times that he has to use the potty.  Since we’re going ahead with the training, Jesse and I started a rewards program that will hopefully  help Ian stick to this and get potty trained sooner rather than later.  What we’re doing is giving Ian a matchbox car every time he tells us he has to go and he does.  We just started this after Thanksgiving, but he’s already earned 3 of them.  Although, the first two were within a couple of hours of each other, but he so deserved them.  The second time, he was in the bath when he told me he had to go.  Out he came and he went directly to his seat.  Man was I glad he went on the potty for that change.

The only downside I’m seeing to this is Ian now wants to be on his potty all the time.  I can’t see this being a problem, but now we need to make sure he realizes that he only gets a car whenever he tells us and he goes.  Not just when he tells us and he sits on the potty and there are no results.

I know people have said to use stickers or suckers in the past, but I don’t want stickers all over my house (or on a chart, Ian wouldn’t get that just yet), and I’m not crazy about Ian having suckers right now.  Ian is really into cars right now and he doesn’t have that many matchbox cars.  In fact, I think I can count them all on one hand and Jesse was wanting to get him more.  So we figure using a $1 toy as a reward would end up paying for itself if Ian gets out of the diapers sooner rather than later.