The things a toddler will do. Ian had his first ‘shaking my head while laughing hysterically’ moment tonight. Jesse and I are relaxing after dinner and Ian was wandering around doing his thing. It took us a moment, but we realized that Ian was quickly sitting in front of the TV watching Scrubs. That’s when we noticed that he had taken his diaper off and was playing with it. And of course, his diaper couldn’t have only been wet, oh no, it was full. Jesse wasn’t amused, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I know I’ll regret it later, but it’s the first time he’s done that and you have to admit, it was funny. Ian ended up taking his bath a lot earlier than normal, but we got him cleaned up pretty well.

What else has he done lately. Today, I rearranged the kitchen so we could set up the card table and have a semblance of a dining room table. As I was getting lunch ready, Ian went to his chair and wanted up. He didn’t want to eat in his high chair today, he wanted to eat at the table. So we actually had a civilized meal for a change.

We spent this past weekend in New York visiting family. Neither Jesse or Ian have been back yet, so it was exciting for me to have both of them back there. I have a lot of aunts and uncles that I wanted them to meet and they finally did. I don’t have any pictures at the moment (Nana and Grandma Smith were taking so many, I figured I would get them from them), but I do have some videos. So until I can get the pictures, you’ll have to suffice with some dancing. Although I should mention, Ian loved the dance floor. He couldn’t stay off of it and he was even out there shaking his little butt. Edited: Pictures from the trip are now up.

He is starting to talk a little. He has gotten bye and hi down, although he uses them interchangeably. He’ll even wave while he’s saying it, sometimes. He’s had mama and dada down for awhile, and while he can say it, he still hasn’t called us mama and dada. We’re hoping he do it soon since he knows who we are. We can tell Ian to “go show daddy” or “take that to mama” and he’ll do those things, but we’re still waiting to hear him say the words to us.

Now that it has been warmer out more often, we’ve been taking Ian out more and more. It’s gotten to the point that whenever one of us goes near the door, Ian is right there ready to go outside. He wants to be outside so badly that I’m kind of sad we don’t have a place where we can let him go out and play. The residents in our area haven’t been picking up after their pets, so we don’t want to let him play in the grass only to find someone else already has. We’ve been going up to the park when we can, but when it’s crowded, it’s a little harder for Ian to play. He’s so much smaller than the other kids, that I’m afraid he’s going to get stepped on. We should be hearing about the house soon and in another two months, we’ll be someplace with a yard, I hope.

And I leave with another video…