Sorry this took me so long to post, but between Adrian, Lori, and I, we took about 370 pictures while we were at the Cincinnati Zoo. So I had to go through them and try to weed out the blurry shots and the butt shots and whatnot. I managed to get the number down to about 170. Talk about being photo happy. :)

Anyway, over the weekend, Adrian, Ian and I went down to visit Lori in Dayton and we decided to check out the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a gorgeous day and was perfect for spending it outside. Ian wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but he started to really enjoy watching all of the animals. He was really excited about the goats in the children section. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend a lot of time in the children section since we got there as they were closing the exhibits. But he was still able to pet the goats and we spent a good 15 minutes at that one exhibit. There was a few moments there that he tried getting in with the goats, but thankfully he couldn’t squeeze through the rails.

Ian spent most of the day in the stroller, but he was able to get out and walk a bit and never really got fussy. He did get a little tired, but he laid down in the stroller and took a good hour nap and then he was ready to go. He did get a little spoiled as he left the zoo with a stuffed elephant AND a stuffed leopard. He was dragging them all around the gift shop, so Lori and I couldn’t resist. It worked kind of well, the elephants were the first animals we saw at the zoo.

The Cincinnati Zoo was really nice. I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get to the children’s section sooner than what we did, but we did get there right after Ian’s nap. I’m hoping to take Ian to the Detroit Zoo soon, but I heard a sad rumor that they don’t have a children’s section with a petting zoo. I guess we’ll see. Anyway, I mentioned the large amount of pictures, so here’s the gallery for them. I’ll include a few of the good shots.