I had another appointment with the doctor on Oct. 25th. I know, I’m a little late with the update, but I had a good reason.

Anyway, everything is still going good. The baby’s heart rate was around 150 beats per minute (probably due to all the caffeine I’ve been drinking lately). The results from the ultrasound came back as being good. We also found out that there is a low risk of down syndrome, so that’s good. There’s always going to be some chance, but the doc says we’re really low on the risk factor. My next appointment is schedule for the end of November, so I’ll have more news to report around Thanksgiving.

Now on to the fun stuff. Jesse and I have picked a name for our son. It took us awhile to come up with a name and we had a list of seven that we were debating on (Auron, Caleb, Connor, Ethan, Ian, Jacob, Seth). We’ve finally decided on Ian. It took us a bit to decide on the middle name since none of the original 7 really worked well with Ian, but that has been taken care of as well. Our son’s name will be Ian Hawthorn. We’re still keeping Zoe Illyria for when we have a girl, but right now, it’s Ian Hawthorn.

Now that we have a name picked out and we know the sex of the child, Jesse and I have set up this blog site for Ian. This means, that all future baby updates will be posted via the web blog and I won’t be sending out any more emails. Any kind of news you want to find out about him will be here. This is something that Jesse and I want to keep updated and working so he’ll have it when he’s older as well. So please don’t be afraid to leave comments there. He’ll be able to go back and read through them once he gets old enough to read. :) I’m sure Ian will love to read them once he’s able. :)

If you haven’t noticed already, all previous posts about Ian that were done on myJaxon’s site have been transcribed here.