Guess who became a big brother over the weekend…

Yesterday, Ian got to hold his baby brother for the first time.  He was so cute about it.  At first, Gramps was holding Simon and Ian kept telling him to put Simon in Mama’s lap so he could get closer.  Then, when we asked if he wanted to hold Simon, his face just lit up.  He climbed up onto the bed with me and sat still while Jesse placed Simon into his open arms.  He was very insistent on holding Simon the proper way.  The entire time, Ian was totally gentle with Simon.  There were a few times where he got a little too excited and we had to tell him to calm down, but it didn’t take much for him to calm down.

Ian was all about trying to see ALL of Simon.  He wanted to see his feet, hands, face, eyes, etc etc, but most importantly, his belly.  He was very curious about Simon’s belly button.  It was during these times where he was less than gentle, but that was mainly because he was trying to look and hold Simon at the same time.

Ian spent the first two days with Gramps while Jesse and I were in the hospital with Simon, but last night he got to have his first sleepover at someone else’s house and he was really excited about that.  I don’t think he quite understands the changes that’ll be happening at home now.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t, but the one thing I do know is that he is excited about being able to help Mama care for Simon.