This morning, while Jesse was getting his coat on, Ian decided he wanted to write his name. He wouldn’t get his coat on until he did.  He’s been wanting to write his name for awhile, but he usually gives up when we won’t finish his name after he does the I.  So, I told him to go ahead.  Jesse really didn’t want to wait, he had the chance to get to work earlier than normal, but even he noticed Ian was a little too determined about this.

Ian go the I done all on his own, but once he got to the A, he wanted to see one and for some reason that is one his magnetic letters that have disappeared.  So after a quick search for a letter A, they finally found one and Ian got back to work.  He was a little unsure at the time, so Jesse added three dots to the screen and from there, Ian had no problem.  He was able to do the N without a problem, granted it was a little backward, but he did it.  Jesse knew he could do better, so he had Ian redo his N after adding a couple of dots.  Ian did beautifully.  We didn’t hold his hand or anything as the video will show (stupid battery died before they finished).

I’m so proud of my monkey right now!