Yup, I’m not lying. This should have been a post, but I was so afraid when it started to look like he was going to be, that I was afraid to mention it.  For Christmas, Ian found out he was getting a sibling (it was a surprise for us too) and something must have clicked because soon after that he made the determination that he didn’t want to be in diapers anymore.  He was a big boy and we had to save the diapers for the baby.  We had already been pseudo-training by wearing training underwear while at home, but he wanted nothing to do with pullups (or as he knows them, diapers) even while we were out.  Once he decided to be trained, we had no problems.  There were a few accidents as he was still trying to figure out what that little tingle meant, but it wasn’t long because he got that too.  Then, within a few weeks of mastering that (to some degree), he wanted to start training for the night.  At first, I was getting him up every night before Jesse and I went to bed, so he could use the potty.  I only did it for a couple of nights because I needed him to get familiar with that sensation and I figured a few wet beds would help, but he was good within a week.  We still have a few accidents at night every so often, but they are not the norm.  I get the feeling I was very lucky with potty training because it just seems like one day he was trained.  I know it took a week or so, but there was a time when he wasn’t and then there was a time he was.  I really don’t think I got to experience the pains of potty training and I have to say I am eternally thankful for that.