2008.10.19-Ian.02.jpgIan’s vocabulary is starting to grow, so before it really blossoms, I thought I would let you know what he has figured out.

Ian is definitely starting to speak more and more.  There are a few words he loves – “ride” and “mine” being two of them.   He loves going for rides, whether its in his stroller or in the car.  Whenever we need to go anywhere, we just have to tell him ride and he’ll repeat it and get so excited.  Yesterday, Jesse got him his own scooter and now he’s all about “riding” in the house.  He loves going up to it and saying: “mine!  ride!”.  Granted, everything is mine these days.  He even comes up to Jesse and I and claims us as his.

Jesse has already wrote up the anatomy words he can say, but just as a recap, Ian can pretty much point and say the major body parts – eye, nose, mouth, ear, hand, feet, hair.

Ian is also very polite for his age.  He is all over the “please” and “thank you”.  He’ll even say thank you without any prompting from me.

He has figured out how to say “more” and what it means.  It was amusing when Jesse bought some cottage cheese.  The two of them went through a quart of the stuff in one sitting.  Whenever Ian finished his, he would yell “more!”.  It’s really cute.  He has also figured out how to say “bite” and he tends to say it when we’re not sharing our food even though he has his own.  We were running late yesterday morning and we stopped at Tim Hortons for one of their breakfast combos for Jesse.  While Jesse was munching on his bagel, Ian was in the back yelling “bite”.

He’s also doing pretty good with his colors.  Jesse has been working with him on them for awhile.

And of course, he can say every toddler’s favorite word – “NO”.  He answers everything with no, so we really need to start getting him to figure out the word yes.  However, he does know the word “yeah” or “yea”.  There are times he’ll answer with one of those instance, but it’s not consistant or reliable.

Ian has also figured out “baby”.  It’s not just when we see a baby either.  If we’re playing with him or holding him like a baby, he’ll say baby.  And he loves pointing out all the babies.

Another one he’s pretty consistent with is “night night”.  Every night, after I put him in his crib, I say night night to him and he responds with night night.  There are times he even says it before I can.  It’s a little routine, but he’ll say it when I tell him it’s naptime too.

I can’t believe I almost forgot the numbers.  Ian’s counting isn’t perfect, but he knows “one” and “two“.  We’re still working on three, but according to Jesse, he does say it.  He also has “five” and “seven” down.  We’re still working on the rest.

2008.10.16-Ian.02.jpgOf course, Ian is saying the standard “hi”, “bye”, “mama” and “dada”.

And the last word I can think of is “bubbles”.  He loves his bubbles and we’ve started giving him bubble baths again because of it.

I really can’t think of any other words Ian is saying at the moment, but I’m sure Jesse will pop up with a few.  He’s already mentioned the words “out” and “car”, but I can’t remember hearing them.  I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few, but these are the ones that are consistently spoken by Ian.

Even though he’s not speaking a lot of words, he understands way more.  You can tell him what you want and (when the mood strikes) do it.  I can tell hi to go get his plate and he will.  He’s even able to tell you what he generally wants, but getting anything specific is the difficult part.

So that’s it.

I forgot one….“why”.  Do I really need to explain this one?

More words I’ve forgotten:

  1. “Fish” – Whenever we’re near the fish display at Meijers, Ian goes nuts and wants to see the feesh.  We tried getting him his own fish, but we had a hard time keeping the tank warm enough for the beta, so we ended up returning it.
  2. “Yummy” – what kid doesn’t know this one, right?  :)
  3. I can’t believe I forgot “read”.  Ian loves to read and he knows every night he gets read to right before bed.  Right now, Jesse is reading King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable to him and if he’s even late getting to his bedroom, Ian will run out to get him and shout “READ!”.  It’s so cute.
  4. “Cheese” – Ian loves his cheese.  He can’t get enough of it and he makes sure you know by asking for lots and lots of “cheese”.  On the flip side, he also knows what it means when a camera is pointed at him, but you can’t always count on a smile.