The following is a list of new words he’s learned:

  • nose (points and says “noce”)
  • ear (points and says “eer”)
  • eye (points and says “eye”)
  • mouth (points and says “maow”)
  • tongue (says “ladldal” as he sticks it out and wiggles it)
  • lip (sticks his bottom lip out)
  • belly (pulls up his shirt and rubs his belly)
  • hand (holds his hand out)
  • foot (sticks his foot out)
  • hair (touches his hair)
  • cheek (occasionally touches his cheek, though usually his mouth or ear)
  • arm (pinches the sleeve on his arm and says “aaahh”)
  • leg (holds his leg out)

More to come, I’m sure- he’s tired right now, so he’s not cooperative.