So it’s been close to two weeks since we started the Ferber Method and it could be better. I don’t think this was the perfect time to begin this, mainly because Ian is doing some major teething. Up until three nights ago, he was sleeping pretty much all night, with some nights going 10 hours straight without a whimper. The first night was the roughest, with Ian crying for about 20 minutes. After that, if he goes past 5-10 minutes, then it’s a rough night. He’s getting the idea and calms down pretty quickly. There were even a couple of nights where I laid him in his crib and he went right to sleep.

However, the last three nights he has gotten up exactly six hours after he went to sleep. How do we know it’s been exactly six hours…easy, the Motrin wore off. We weren’t sure what was going on the first two nights. Ian would get up around 3am and we couldn’t get him back to sleep. He wanted to be held and comforted and we did do that, to an extent. By the third time where he wouldn’t sleep, I would end up picking him up and rocking him for a bit. He would fall asleep instantly, but as soon as I put him in his crib, he woke up. We finally figured it out that he was getting up when the Motrin was running out (it’s only good for 6-8 hours) and he’s gums were hurting him again. We gave him Motrin the first time he woke up and we got him back to bed and he was out within 5 minutes. Needless to say, we’ll have Motrin on standby tonight.

We’re thinking, that once this tooth [these teeth] pop through, he’ll actually sleep through the night and everyone will be happy. Now if only I could get him to take more than an hour nap. He needs it, but he keeps waking up and I have too hard of a time getting him back to sleep.

In other news, Ian picked up all of his blocks tonight. We’ve been slowly teaching Ian to pick up his toys by asking him to help us. Usually he helps us until he wants to get them out again. But tonight, Jesse made him do all of his blocks by himself and he turned it into a game. It was so cute. I was in the laundry room and I could hear Ian giggling like crazy, so I went and grabbed the camera.