Ian-mo12 Ian-mo11Ian had his twelve month check up today and he is now a total of 24lbs 3oz and is 30.25 inches long. That puts him in the 50-75 percentile for his weight and the 50-75 percentile for his height; his head is 18.75 inches, which is in the 75-90 percentile. He received more vaccinations during this visit. He received the standard MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella), Chicken Pox, and the Hepatitis A vaccines. Mama even got a shot this time around since she’s never had the Chicken Pox (can you believe that no one in the area would give it to me??). The visit didn’t go as well as previous ones since Ian has a slight head cold and cough right now. Between his nose running, the hacking cough, getting stuck with needles, and having the Doc hold him down so he could look into his ears, Ian was not a happy camper. However, as always, he was smiling by the time we checked out.

IanWhat has he done this past month. Well, he started walking during January, so that’s not entirely new, but he is getting a lot faster at it and it seems like he’s trying to run now. Thankfully he can’t yet, but it’s only a matter of time. We did get a first year photos done by Kristian again, but we didn’t get as many as last time. The whole sitting still idea wasn’t a part of Ian’s plans, so it didn’t happen. :) We did manage to get a couple of good ones and this is the one we’re using as his first year photo (yes grandparents, you’ll have your copy this weekend).

Ian also received his big boy seat. He’s been fighting us with the bucket seat so we broke down and got him his forward facing toddler seat. He can now see out the front window and see what’s in front of us instead of watching it zoom by backwards. He’s been a lot easier to get into the seat now, but it does take him a little longer to fall asleep since he’s so fascinated by what’s going on outside. The box came with even more fun surprises when Jesse converted it into a tunnel and Ian had a blast crawling through it. Jesse even made a hole in the top so Ian could pop up through it.

Another major breakthrough – Ian had his first hair cut! He had fun with it and even got some playtime in with Gramps. I’m not sure we’ll go back to the place (they were kind of expensive), but it was well worth a trip for his first visit. We did find out that he’s going to have my hair, poor boy. His hair was definitely getting curly the longer it got and even after it was cut you could still see the swirls. It appears that he’ll have my thickness too, so that’s a good thing, but the curls are going to be a problem, maybe. I’m thinking he’s going to be needing another haircut soon, but we’ll wait until daddy starts complaining again. :)