So PJ/Trish received something at her baby shower that I thought was kind of cool. A friend of hers, Amy, gave her the recipe for homemade baby wipes. I never thought to make baby wipes by scratch. Either way, I just thought I would share the recipe.
1/2 roll Bounty paper towels
2 cups water
1 Tbs. baby oil
1 Tbs. baby wash

Cut full roll of paper towels in 1/2 and pull out the card board center. Place in plastic tub. Still oil & wash into boiling water & pour over paper towels.

*The water is boiled to kill the germs to these wipes will stay fresh just as long as store bought.
*You may adjust oil, wash, & water amounts slightly to your preference.
*Variations – Lavender baby wash for soothing baby at night.