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Great Expectations
Amazingly, babies learn quickly that life is full of routines. This month, your baby is beginning to recognize that events often come in pairs. Does she smack her lips or make noises when she spots her bottle? That’s because she knows dinner is on its way. Sounds simple. But it’s a cognitive leap she couldn’t make a few weeks ago.

Soon you’ll find your baby is soothed and comforted by daily routines. So start a simple bedtime ritual. A bath followed by a lullaby, for example. Your baby will know it’s “night night” time when the lullaby ends.

Vocal Volley
As a new parent, you will spend lots of time trying to “read” your baby. Hungry? Tired? Just wanting to be held? She can’t tell you what she needs, so it’s sometimes frustrating for both of you. That’s why it’s so exciting to see her begin to play with speech sounds. She’s already beginning to learn to talk.

Playing language games is a great way to bond with your baby. Make sounds and encourage her to imitate them. Child development experts call this game a “vocal volley.” Your two-month-old is learning that taking turns is key to making conversation. She may start picking up the intonations of adult speech, too.

Social Butterfly
You don’t need cake and ice cream to create a social event for your baby. Spending time with Mom and Dad is always a party. Smiling, talking, and singing are the social stimulation she needs. Even changing her diaper is a good opportunity for some one-on-one fun.

Your baby will start staying awake for longer periods this month. Look for signs that she’s alert and ready to interact. At six weeks, she will begin to recognize the difference between social and nonsocial events.

Believe it or not, your baby’s first real smile is just around the corner. This “social smile” is your reward for the hard work and sleepless nights of early parenthood. What a great reason to celebrate.