Ian is still doing good, hospital approved. I was a little concerned today since he wasn’t as active as he has been and I’ve just been feeling really good. Why I don’t start from the beginning.

I woke up earlier this morning (during the night) and realized I was sleeping on my stomach. I’m not suppose to be lying on my back for long periods of time and it kind of freaked me out because I couldn’t remember rolling onto my back. Either way, I got to my side and went back to sleep. This morning, after taking my shower and eating breakfast, I started realizing that Ian wasn’t as active as he normally is. Since it was early, I didn’t want to worry Jesse about it in case Ian was just sleeping, so I didn’t say much. Later in the morning, I emailed Jesse saying I haven’t been feeling Ian that much today and he suggested I have some caffeine to see if that’ll activate him. At lunch, we talked about it and we thought that since we were told that Ian had dropped into position on Monday, that maybe his feet weren’t facing a direction where I would feel the kicks as much. Either way, we decided that once I had the caffeine in me and Ian was still not moving as much, I would call Doc Z.

Well, at 3pm, I hadn’t felt him move like he has been, so I called Doc Z who had me go to the hospital and take a stress test. Thankfully, there is only good news. Ian was doing fine. They monitored his heart rate for about 20 minutes and then sent me home. Granted, his heart rate was jumping between 118 and 164 beats per minute, but he was sticking pretty close to the 130 range for the most part. The nurses said that a baby’s heart rate will start to decrease the closer he is to delivery, so even though Ian has been in the mid-high 140s for most of the last 9 months, him dropping like this wasn’t a bad thing. However, since I went in for a stress test today, Doc Z (and I want to say hospital procedure) want me to come back every 3-4 days to have another one until I go into labor.

Either way, Ian is doing fine and Jesse & I got out of work 2 hours earlier than normal. Jesse did end up with a souvenir – the nurse gave him a portion of the graph results from Ian’s heart rate being monitored. He says he got it for me so I can put it in the baby book, but I know the truth – he was fascinated by the technology. I hadn’t even thought of asking for a copy.

That is the news today. I’m actually feeling really good; not like I have been all week. Most everything I’ve been feeling this past week wasn’t there today – I think that added to my worries over Ian this morning. Either way, we have another appointment on Monday with the Doc and now a stress test, so we’ll see how Ian is progressing then. Who knows, Ian could come sometime next week.