I want to say it’s time to start the clocks, but I don’t know where to start them at. Either way, it’s getting closer to the time when Jesse and I will no longer be on our own. It really hit me this past week. It’s only been the two of us for so long, that it’s hard to imagine that there’ll be someone else with us at all times. That wherever we go, it won’t be just the two of us. I don’t know why, but the thought scared me.

Anyway, enough of that. Doc Z said the baby dropped. I have heard that once Ian drops, it’ll be two weeks until delivery; well, I asked the doc about this and he said not necessarily. It’s a good sign, but it doesn’t give a time line. Especially since my cervix is still closed. However, at 37 weeks, Ian’s lungs are fully developed so even if he was to be born this week, he should be perfectly healthy.

We were told that we have to start watching for contractions and for my water to break. That I should be experiencing the Branson-Hicks contractions any time now. Granted, that doesn’t mean I’ll be in labor, just that my body is starting to get ready for actual labor. Of course, we were also told that I may not have any at all. It all depends on the person.

I did lose a half a pound from last week, which is good for me. Doc Z says that a lot of mothers will begin losing weight the last few weeks of pregnancy, so this isn’t a bad thing. Ian is growing about an ounce a day and we heard he was 5.5 lbs about a week or so ago. That’ll put him about 6 lbs now. He still has three weeks left, so hopefully, he’ll be in the 8-9 lb range. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. He is still only measuring about 35 inches and his heart rate was at 138 this week. He’s been bouncing on the scale but they say that is normal. So for now, everything is going perfect fine.