And the weekly appointments continue. Ian is still going strong. His heart rate was 147 beats per minute. I am not dilated, but Doc Z was able to feel Ian’s head. Whether that means he’ll be here sooner or not, I’m not sure; but it definitely means that he is getting into position. Jesse and I think he’s in the first position (he’s facing my side with his head down near my pelvic region) and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get into second position (facing my back in my pelvic region) by next weeks appointment.

He was pretty active last night (and this morning), so he is definitely getting impatient. Jesse and I finally got everything ready with the crib yesterday. We’ve had the crib for about a week (assembled and everything), but we just got the mattress, so I’m starting to put things away. Still trying to find a dresser, though. That’s it for this week.