Just got back from the doctors and everything is still going good. Ian’s heartrate was about 138 beats per minute, so he’s still going strong. We learned that he’s gaining about an ounce per day now and he should be about 5 lbs. Doc Z is still saying that Ian is on the small side, meaning he shouldn’t be a big baby, but he shouldn’t have a problem making his appearance. I mentioned last week that Doc Z was surprised by my cervix and it seems that it is still progressing. Doc Z thinks Ian will be a week early and he mentioned that he wouldn’t be surprised if Ian was born at the end of the month. So it doesn’t look like we’ll have a mid-March baby, but an early-March/late-February birthday.

I gained three lbs this week, but chocolate pudding/ice cream/cookies were sounding good this week. Overall, everything is still going strong and both of us are good.