Last night was our first Prepared Birthing class at the hospital. There has got to be more to this class than what we saw last night. I mean, they went over what to expect for contractions, what the birthing process was (see below for Jesse’s reaction), and some basic relaxation techniques. Although, I have to say, if you’re going to make us practice relaxation techniques, then you should probably have us doing it on something more than what amounts to a concrete floor with a thin layer of carpet.

The class was a little dull, but we still did receive some useful information. The big one being that there are three stages of contractions and you don’t have to get to the hospital until at least the second stage which is about 14 hours after the first stage begins. In fact, we were told to spend the first few hours of the contractions at home because we’ll be more comfortable there than at the hospital. We saw a video that showed the entire delivery process – from the first contraction to the end. I didn’t realize the baby started getting into position as early as two weeks before the contractions started. I just hope Ian cooperates and is part of the 96% that does it right rather than be part of the 4% that does it backwards. :)

I think the best part of the class was watching Jesse’s reaction to the video. If you know my husband, then you also know that he had his laptop with him and was logged into IRC. Here’s the log from the video portion of last night:
[19:39] morgajel – oh man it’s movie time
[19:40] morgajel – part of me wants to scream AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAH and run out of the room
[20:01] morgajel – ok that’s just wrong
[20:01] morgajel – OMG
[20:01] morgajel – IT’S HEAD IS STICKING OUT
[20:02] morgajel – VIDEOBAD VIDEOBAD
[20:03] morgajel – GOD THAT’S ONE UGLY BABY
[20:04] morgajel – OH GROSS
[20:04] morgajel – placenta BAD