I had my monthly appointment today with the doctor. Everything is going good. The doctor said that Ian should be weighing about 2.5 lbs. I’ve gained a total of 12 lbs during the pregancy. That’s not bad, I’m still doing good, but it’s more than I want. In July, the doctor said I should only gain between 10 – 20 for my size and I would like to stay closer to the 10. I need to stay away from the chocolate. :) Ian’s heartrate was about 136, which was a little lower than normal, but still doing good. He hasn’t been moving as much lately as he used to be, but I think that’s because daddy hasn’t been around. Jesse started the new job in Troy, so he’s been gone during the week. Overall, everything is going strong, all the bloodwork I did last week came back fine. Due to the move, this was the last appointment with this doctor and he recommends that I set up my next appointment during the week of Jan. 8th (yes, they are starting to occur more). Needless to say, I have a doctor in mind, but I need to verify some insurance info first. That’s it for now.

Oh yeah, I promised a surprise. If you want to know what the surprise is, click here (FYI – it’s Ian’s first recorded heartbeat).